VORTEX Staging World Premiere of Heather Woodbury's As the Globe Warms

     The VORTEX Theatre will present the world premiere of OBIE Award and Spalding Gray Award winner Heather Woodbury's new one-woman American soap opera, As the Globe Warms.  The million-species, comic epic that explores what it is like to survive in America today, on a planet edging toward climate crisis, will run episodically from October 19th
through November 11th.
    As the Globe Warms follows Lorelei Ray, the home-schooled daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, who finds herself mysteriously "speaking in the tongues" of endangered animals and sharing these possessions online with a growing following of Evangelical youth.  When handsome herpetologist Reed Ferris arrives in her small town, determined to try to save the local "Butterscotch frog" from extinction, an unlikely friendship forms - creating far-reaching consequences for the people and creatures of Vane Springs, Nevada.  Thrown in the mix are Tea Party zealots, closeted gay evangelicals, a working class family on the brink of extinction and eyewitness reports from whales, polar bears, bees, bats and frogs.  
    Playwright and performer Heather Woodbury is a theater artist known for her sprawling works that combine the seductions of cable TV serials with the high-wire immediacy of live, solo storytelling.  The VORTEX Theatre first presented her 8-act solo play What Ever: An American Odyssey nearly 15 years ago.
     Originally performed weekly in the back of a New York City bar, What Ever became a breakaway hit in Austin and went on to tour widely from Chicago's Steppenwolf to London's Royal Festival Hall.  The production was broadcast as a radio-play hosted by Ira Glass and received numerous awards - including the Austin Critics' Table Award for "Outstanding Touring show."  She has returned repeatedly to The VORTEX to perform for her one-woman feats for a growing cult of hard-core devotees.
    Woodbury wrote As The Globe Warms in Los Angeles by performing a break-neck marathon of 33 weekly installments during 2010 and 2011.  Now distilled into six evening-length parts, with the help of Miami-based director Michael Yawney, the solo serial had a workshop run in Florida International University's Alternative Theatre Festival in July.  In August previewed one episode at Los Angeles' New Original Works Festival in Disney Hall's REDCAT theatre.  The VORTEX production marks the world premiere of the full staging.
     Directed by Yawney with lighting design by Gary Lund, the production will be presented in six evenings of theatre that can be enjoyed separately, but together form a complex, funny and moving continuing saga:
- Part 1 (Episodes 1 and 2): October 19th and 31st
- Part 2 (Episodes 3 and 4): October 20th, November 1st and 2nd
- Part 3 (Episodes 5 and 6): October 21st, November 3rd and 4th
- Part 4 (Episodes 7 and 8): October 24th and 25th, November 7th
- Part 5 (Episodes 9 and 10): October 26th, November 8th and 9th
- Part 6 (Episodes 11 and 12): October 27th and 28th, November 10th and 11th
     Tickets for each performance are $25 to $30 for priority seating, $15 to $20 for general admission and $10 for starting artists.  Six Night VIP Passes are available until October 15th at $125 for the Gold Priority Pass or $75 for the Silver General Admission Pass.
    The VORTEX is located at 2307 Manor Road. For more information and tickets, call (512) 478-5282 or visit

(Heather Woodbury photo courtesy The VORTEX)
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