Trio B.C. from Girl in a Coma
Reviewed by Nick Manix

     With their new CD, Trio B.C., the all-female Texas rock band Girl in a Coma seems to have dodged what some have called "the sophomore slump" - which many artists with actual talent and substance seem to encounter. Artists such as Puff Daddy, Beyonce and The Killers have gone double- or triple-platinum with their debut album, only to see record sales drastically drop upon the release of their follow-up effort.
     Some artists have fallen, all together, into a musical abyss and utter obscurity.  The reasons for this phenomenon are unknown, but the short-comings are usually blamed on the record companies themselves.
    For example, George Michael took Sony to court, stating that his creativity was being stifled.  And Joan Osborne - who has released 10 albums on nine different labels - has yet to have a Top Five hit since 1995's “One of Us.”
    But Girl in a Coma (GIAC) has signed with an indie label - something that more and more artists are doing these days in order to have more creative freedom.  Signed by Kenny Laguna and Joan Jett to their record label, Blackheart Records, GIAC released their first album, Both Before I'm Gone, to critical acclaim.
    Now, Trio B.C. has hit the market, and these women from San Antonio show no signs of becoming another causality of that dreaded sophomore slump. For girls of such a young age, they come off as being a more experienced and seasoned band.  
     It's hard to place a finger on their exact genre of music - it's part rock, punk, country, rockabilly, blues and even Tex-Mex.   And it works!  
     Nina's lyrics and vocals are surprisingly mature for someone her age.  And combined with Phina's kickin' percussion and Jenn's hybrid of rock and jazz on bass, the group presents listeners with a creative endeavor that is rarely seen in the cookie cutter "music industry" anymore.
     Opening the album with the gritty and raw track "BB", the song ends telling listeners that "we'll find our way."  In doing so, GIAC sets the stage for a ride that guarantees to please.
     Highlights of the album include "Vino," which is almost reminiscent of Mazzy Star and Baby Boy - it's a sweet, almost obsessive, and self-deprecating love song full of the yearning and angst not heard since the hey day of The Smiths.   Even Joan Jett makes an appearance, backing vocals on the entertaining "Joannie in the City."
    Trio B.C. is a solid album with hints of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Concrete
Blonde - and the Tex-Mex sound of San Antonio blended in beautifully - rewarding listeners with something truly amazing: an album you can listen to from beginning to end.

Nick Manix is a professional writer and journalist who splits his time between Central Texas and New Orleans.

(Girl in a Coma photo by Adam Stockstill; lbum cover image courtesy Ken Phillips Group)