Esther’s Follies
Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Night
Esther’s Pool at 6th St. and Red River

     For more than a quarter century, the folks at Esther’s Theatre have kept Austin rolling with laughter and become a Texas institution. Part magic show, part vaudeville review, part improv tour-de-force, Esther’s Follies takes no prisoners, offering biting, hilarious satire on all the news makers and events fit to parody.
     Esther’s Follies began as a by-product of a pool parlor - called Esther’s Pool - on East Sixth Street April Fool’s Day, 1977. Conceived as a combination topical vaudeville/satirical musical comedy revue, Esther’s Follies has grown to become the state’s premier comedy complex, garnering national praise and a loyal following.
     The show opens with the “News Medley,” a rapid-fire tour-de-force as Esther’s news mavens musically parody all the hot media items.  During the next 90 minutes, expect hilarious original skit comedy, lots of outrageous props and costumes, and a good dose of audience participation.
     Then prepare to be astounded by magician Ray Anderson as he performs six full-stage illusions per show.  In his newest illusion, “Tattooed,” Ray descends from on high to find himself hypnotized by a wild-haired wizardess, trapped in a contraption with razor-sharp knife blades slicing him into pieces, then magically reunited with his body.  A Las Vegas veteran, Ray’s performances are worth price of admission in themselves!
   Showtimes are 8 p.m. on Thursdays, and 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  Most shows sell out, so plan to arrive early for best seating.  Call (512) 320-0553 or visit for reservations and information.
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