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Esquina Tango and Tango in Texas
Every Wednesday Night
Annies Cafe and Bar

     Following a year-long absence from the downtown scene, two of Austin's leading tango proponents are teaming up to bring back a weekly tango night on Congress Avenue. Newly reopened Annies Café and Bar will play host to a weekly Wednesday night Tango dance night, organized by Monica Caivano of Esquina Tango and Laura Pellegrino of Tango in Texas.
      "We are so excited to bring a weekly tango social - or as we call it, 'Milonga' - back into the heart of Austin," said Pellegrino, "And, we're particularly happy about our partnership with Annies Café & Bar.  With those expansive French windows, passers-by will literally be beckoned in to join in the dance."
    Pellegrino spent years studying and teaching tango, including an intensive two-year stint in Buenos Aires. Caivano originally hails from Buenos Aires, and has been a leading force for introducing Austin to tango dance - beginning with the Cipollina tango nights many years ago.  She noted that Congress Avenue is Austin's answer to the grand Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, with its historic buildings, wide sidewalks and bustling pedestrian life.
      "And, Annies Café will be such a great place to enjoy tango," she said. "While comfy and approachable, it has the feeling of a café in a cosmopolitan city - the grand volume of space, the sense of history."
     Tango Wednesdays at Annie's Café and Bar will begin each week with a free mini-lesson at 7 p.m.  Music each week will alternate between live music, and guest DJ's with extensive collections of rhythmic tango music.  Annies is located at 319 Congress Avenue.  For more information, call (512) 472-1884 or visit
Monica Caivano
(photo courtesy Esquina Tango)
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