Thinning the Herd
September 16th through December 2nd
The Institution Theater

    The Institution Theater is doing their part to try to put an end to obesity - one comic at a time.  The new weight-loss themed improv comedy show Thinning the Herd - playing every other Sunday from September 16th through December 2nd - will pit three teams of comedians against each other in a weight loss contest to see which team can win the coveted "Golden Refrigerator."  
     Each week, the teams will compete against each other both on the scale and in the improv arena, using comedy to explore the theme of the weight loss and chronicle the difficulties they face trying to navigate the long, complicated road to healthy living.  The show will also feature filmed vignettes where the improvisers take to the streets in "Video Challenge" segments, and the comedians will check in with the hopes of finally reducing their weight.
    The original show features some of Austin improv's favorite, seasoned veterans as well as some rising stars - including Zarzamora's Chuy Zarate, Girls, Girls, Girls's Amy Averett, Out of Bounds Producer Jeremy Sweetlamb, the owner of the Institution Theater Tom Booker, Confidence Men's Jeff Britt,and Austin Stand-up comedy favorite Jesse Pangelinan.  Directed by Tyler Bryce - a 22-year improv veteran who recently moved back to Austin after serving his time studying and performing in New York and Oklahoma. - the full cast represents a wonderful cross-section of Austin's diverse comedic talents.  
     Performances will be at 6 p.m. on September 16th and 30th, October 14th and 30th, November 11th and December 2nd. Admission is $5.
    The Institution Theatre is located at 3708 Woodbury Drive.  For additional information, call (512) 895-9580 or visit
(Image: Institution Theatre)
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