April 3, 2009 - Ballet Austin’s The Studio Theatre Project 
     It’s easy to forget what a vibrant professional dance scene empowers Austin.  But the new works staged by Ballet Austin at their downtown AustinVentures Studio Theatre are ta vivid reminder, giving Austin two powerful, energetic, and amazing pieces of choreography.
     Choreographer Nicolo Fonte creates a shifting narrative of relationships with his dynamic work “Left Unsaid,” choreographed to the music of  J.S. Bach.  Split-second timing and acrobatic moves demonstrate the Ballet Austin dancers as world-class performers, and the interwoven “stories” of the dance are thought-provoking.
     Artistic Director Stephen Mills unveils the world premiere of his new choreographed work “Songs of Innuendo,” set to rythmn and blues.  The saucy innuendo of the lyrics combine well with Mills’ always-innovative staging - the numbers are fun, stylish, and technically impressive.
     The company’s 287-seat downtown venue is perfect for the intimate nature of the works.  And with lighting by a real Broadway designer, the experience is New York caliber.