May 3, 2010 - More Culinary Updates
     The Screaming Goat co-owners Rick and Emilio told us that they are going to be serving cabrito on Sundays, starting May 16th.  Kitchen-wizard Alma is going to cooking up goat at The Goat (900 West 10th Street).
   On a related note, the lead story in Friday's Austin Business Journal touted "Restaurant Industry Outlook Improves."  That news came too late for two Congress Avenue neighborhood haunts, as both Cissi's Market and Louie's 106 closed their doors for the last time on April 30th.  Chef Coi - of "Hell's Kitchen" fame - had been splitting her time between Cissi's Market and Town Market (43 Rainey St.), a gourmet grocery also owned by Cissi's Victoria Lynden, but she will be focusing all her talents on the Town Market kitchen for now.