March 16, 2009: Food & Wine Blogger Bash
     Leave it to a food writer to throw an amazing party.  Addie Broyles - cuisine queen for the Austin American Statesman, hosted the Food & Wine Blogger Bash on Monday evening at the Whole Foods Culinary School downtown.  Co-sponsored by Whole Foods Market and Go
, the evening proved to be a writers’ networking paradise.
    Addie enticed chefs Jesse Griffiths from Dia Due Supper Club and Austin culinary star Tyson Cole from Uchi to stage cooking demonstrations, while guests sampled all the delicious nibbles from the Whole Foods kitchens and washed it down with Texas wines.   Chef Griffiths created a wonderful Texas pink flounder stuffed with crab, herbs and grapefruit, explaining how he sources all his ingredients locally - from produce to seafood.
   Sushi expert Chef Tyson carried on a lively discussion about all things sushi - including why fresh water fish is never used for sushi (email me and I’ll tell you why) - and his culinary philosophies, all the while demonstrating a delicious rice ball stuffed with fresh grilled trout.   Cole’s knowledge of sushi is encyclopedic, and the education was appreciated by the standing-room-only crowd.
    He also let slip that he’ll soon be opening another Uchi location on North Lamar between 40th and 43rd Streets.  Tentatively called Uchi Ko - translated “son of Uchi” - the space will include a much larger bar area - with 50 seats as opposed to his now 5-seat bar at the South Lamar location - and a “reservations only” dining room (no waiting!).  
     He also hinted that he plans to eventually open a downtown tapas bar, but that is still a few years in the making.  The North Lamar location should be open by the end of the year.
(Image: Chef Tyson Cole; photo: