February 21, 2009: Texas History Museum’s “Forgotten Gateway” and
                              Blanton Art Museum’s “Birth of the Cool”
      Friday was a whirlwind, with three major events and our apartment ceiling being ripped out and replaced - all simultaneously.  We made it to the Washington Wine Commission tasting event (see below) before heading to the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum for the
VIP opening of the new “Forgotten Gateway: Coming to America Through Galveston Island” exhibit.
     As I mentioned earlier, my mother’s family immigrated from Sweden through Galveston, and my mother and I contributed a video presentation of our family history for the exhibit.  So we met Mom and Dad at the reception, which featured exceptional eats by local ethnic restaurants.
     We visited the Bob Bullock on Tuesday night for the media preview of the exhibit, but only about 50% of the exhibit had been installed.  Our personal tour with guest curator Dr. Suzanne Seriff and marketing expert Christian Scarborough made for a fun night, but we were anxious to experience the completed exhibit.
    The exhibit itself turned out quite exceptional, with almost one hundred artifacts and extensive media usage to tell the story of American migration through Texas. The exhibit represents the first time that Galveston’s legacy as a port of entry has been fully explored on a national scale, and the first time the Bob Bullock Museum has created an exhibit of this
scale in-house.  Following its Austin run through October 2009, the exhibit will tour museums throughout the nation, with an expected stop at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  
    We rushed across the street to the Director’s Circle Preview Partyopening of “The Birth of the Cool” at the Blanton Art Museum, but we only had 15 minutes to make our greetings and tour the exhibit.  Since a whirlwind tour of the exceptional exhibit could not do it justice, we'll honor the personal invites from Blanton Director Ann Wilson and Public Relations and Marketing Director Brady Dyer, and return next week for a proper tour and report.