April 29, 2009 - Snacking on Cake Balls at Holy Cacao
     We didn't stick around at Art After Dark long enough to take in the final hour of desserts.  So I missed another opportunity to try Holy Cacao's cake balls.
    I had read about the delicious morsels being sold in the trailer on South Congress - along with decadent drinking chocolates and S'Mores on a Stick - so I've been dying to sample the goods.  So I struck out Thursday for the little trailer across from El Mercado, where I met up
with owners Ellen Kinsey and John Spillyards.
     Besides being two wonderfully nice folks who are passionate about their product, the pair whip up a heck of a cake ball!  Yes, cake ball; think of it as a glorified chocolate truffle: homemade cake flavors bound with creamy icing, enrobed in rich chocolate - on a stick for easy consumption.  
     Ellen explained that she had wanted to sell her drinking chocolate (which are also available as a frozen treat), but she realized that she couldn't establish a successful business with that sole item.  So with the addition of the cake ball recipe from John's culinary-trained sister, the duo quickly had a business on their hands.
     The cake balls come in several flavors, and at only $1.50 each are a perfect sweet nibble.  And only $2.50 for the homemade S'Mores on a Stick!  Located just a couple of blocks from the Long Center, ZACH and the Paramount, Holy Cacao should one of your regular stops for a quick treat on your way to the theatre.

(Image: Ellen Kinsey at the Holy Cacao trailer; photo by John Spillyards)