March 15, 2010 - SXSW 2010 Food Bloggers' Party
    We've already had a wild and wooly week, and the madness of South by Southwest is just starting.  We been hitting our fair share of events - including the Florida Film Commission's annual party, two different GLBT filmmakers' get-togethers, and the Capitalist Party.  But our new annual favorite tradition is the Food Bloggers' Party - hosted by Austin American Statesman food writer Addie Broyles, and held this year at the Cedar Door.
    The Ice Cream Man was parked outside the front door, making our brief time in line simply
sublime.  Already the top SXSW mobile vendor to find on the streets of Austin this year, we enjoyed a free, hand-created watermelon/agave and mango popsicle - the perfect start to a great party.  
   The Cedar Door served up tart Mexican martinis and a wonderful fajita taco buffet, while other vendors brought samples that disappeared very quickly.  We absconded with some incredible Bacon and Pecan Brittle by, and a handmade Snikie snickerdoodle Twinkie by Retro Bizarro Pastries - before the other vultures noticed they were out on the table.  You gotta be quick around these foodies!
   We had a great time visiting with other writers and personalities, including Statesman photographer David Weaver, host Broyles and her musician husband Ian (and adorable son Julian), and Statesman editor/columnist Michael Barnes.  And we chatted with regional top food writer Jennie Chen about her plans for this year's Cupcake Smackdown - an attempt at the world's record for biggest cupcake.  We'll keep you posted on dates and updates.

(Photo of JoeLane and Rob by David Weaver, courtesy